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17th C. Earthenware Pitcher with Yellow & Green Glaze, Friesland


H: 11.25 Diam. 9 in.

Private Collection NY
Ex-collection Prinsenhof Museum, Delft

This is a very rare large pitcher from Friesland from the 17th C. The yellow interior glaze with the careless outer green glaze is typical of this period and is traditional Fresian. The Dutch were making this type of earthenware as early as the 12th C. but more so in the 1600-1700's. The Dutch were know to trade in this type of pottery with other countries, especially England, in the 16th and 17th C. It is similar to but not to be confused with English pottery made in Hampshire and Surrey which has a smiler glaze but is later.

Source: Dutch Trade and Ceramics in America in the Seventeenth Century


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